Salami Casing – 50/75mm diameter x 5m


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Perfect for Curing Salami in a Fridge

Misty Gully Banquet Bag Salami casings feature award winning Danish technology that allows for the safest and easiest way for you to create your Salami at home. The material of the casings creates a bond with the natural proteins in meat, allowing for moisture release and oxygen exchange. This unique technology also allows for smoke to permeate the casings while still ensuring the aging process is free from risk of contamination. Use in the same way you would a fibrous or natural casing, but just hang in your refrigerator. No dry ageing cabinet or room required.

Fill casings (no soaking required), smoke your salamis and hang them, air dry them or cure them in the refrigerator.

These are suitable as a replacement for fibrous casings and have the inbuilt Danish Banquet Bag technology to make your drying/aging even safer and quicker.

Just follow your standard recipe and replace your fibrous casings with these Banquet Bag Salami casings and hang in the refrigerator.

Misty Gully Banquet Bags – Salami Casings

50mm/75mm Diameter Salami Casings, 25 salami ring ties included.

As always, ensure all equipment, hands and workspaces are thoroughly cleaned and sterile.

Ensure your meat is minced and mixed as per your recipe, remembering to keep your mixture as cold as possible (it should be too cold to mix by hand).

meat is minced and mixed

Open up the Misty Gully Banquet Bag Salami casings and cut to the desired lengths. Tie off one end using the salami ring zip ties (or twine if you prefer).

Open up the Misty Gully Banquet Bag Salami casings and cut to the desired lengths.

Fill the casings using a sausage filler. Do your best to ensure there are no air gaps. Fill as completely and fully as possible. If there are small air pockets, do not to prick your Banquet Bag Salami Casings as this may cause mould to develop.

Fill the casings using a sausage filler.

Tie off the other end tightly. Weigh your salami and write down the weight of each sausage. Your salami if now ready for fermentation.

Tie off the other end tightly.

Hang for 3 days in a well-ventilated space. It is important that the air temperature is close to 20 degrees Celsius consistently during this time.

Your salami is now ready to age in your refrigerator. Hang to ensure each salami is not touching anything else and air can flow around the casings. Your salami will be ready when it has lost 35-40% of its starting weight. Typically, this will take 5-8 weeks. 

Note: During the drying process the casing will come away from the meat, this is completely normal as these casings are non-elastic, the salami is still drying safely with no mould inside the banquet bag.

age in your refrigerator

Once your salami has lost 35-40% of its original weight it will be ready for consumption. Cut away the bag and remove the salami. Slice thinly using a slicer and enjoy your home-made salami! Enjoy making your own salami all year round!

Salami casings do not require channel helper or a vacuum sealer.

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50mm diameter x 5m, 75mm diameter x 5m

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